BulletSOP 2.0 – Introduction: https://vimeo.com/67030933

BulletSOP is implementation of Bullet library (bulletphysics.org) inside SideFx Houdini (sidefx.com). It’s a plugin for creating incredibly large rigid body simulations on average PC.
At this moment it’s single-thread application (we’re waiting for official release of Bullet Library 3.0 with GPU support) but speed is very impressive already. As well as memory footprint. The plugin is free! So you can create truly stunning massive simulations.
It has 6 extraordinary nodes which are very powerful and universal. All data which these nodes generate can be modified with standard Houdini nodes.
This tool is compiled for Houdini production builds. It includes many example scenes (beginner -> professional) which are probably the best learning resources. Free video tutorials are coming soon!
Price of source code package is $4999. Otherwise binary is free (includes commercial projects) and without limits!
Create freely, simulate quickly and enjoy fully!

Main features:
– Bullet RBD Solver
– Support for multiple Broadphases, Constraints Solvers
– Loading data from previous frame
– Geometry decomposition (Tetrahedra, Voxels)
– Static/Animation body
– Convex Hull
– Compound Hull
– Deform static Hull
– Primitive Hulls
– Constraints (auto-generating, spring, 6DoF)
– Collisions Groups
– Object Forces
– Point Radius Forces
– Delete Duplicity data
– Instancing
– Includes many example scenes for studying
– Support for Windows(64bit) and Linux(64bit)

LinkedIn group: http://www.linkedin….Houdini-4796605
BulletSOP 2.0 beta Sneak Peek: https://vimeo.com/57193837
More author videos: https://vimeo.com/user3251535

Best wishes,
Milan Suk

EDIT: I see that interest in this version is great, so I want to add that you need Houdini 12.5.376 build! With older or later versions I can’t guarantee functionality!






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